The Problem with Resolving Bladder Leakage “Naturally”

Posted on: 3rd Sep, 2021


Incontinence is an issue affecting millions of men and women in the U.S. alone, and there are a number of solutions out there that  address the embarrassing symptoms of bladder and bowel leakage, instead of the issues themselves. You’ll also see much in the way of “natural” ways to address incontinence. Unfortunately, at some point, just about everybody finds that a too-little-too-late approach. Here’s the problem with resolving bladder leakage “naturally.”

A Good Place to Start

For some people, especially early in the spectrum of the problem, bladder leakage and to some degree bowel leakage can be improved with exercises together with changes in fluid and diet intake. This is often a terrific place to start, as the use of some specific pelvic floor therapy exercises can be quite helpful. We enroll each patient in a pelvic floor therapy program that recruits more muscle engagement and tone, successfully resolving incontinence in some cases.

But for quite a few people, the problem has progressed despite these exercises, changes in fluid intake, diet, and even the use of medications or supplements. For tens of millions of Americans, the problem is simply way more advanced than something that can be resolved with pelvic floor therapy, natural remedies, or medications.

In those cases, the problem continues to progress, there is an increasing use of pads, more use of diapers, frustrating decisions to avoid outings and social interaction, and a real decrease in quality of life. For these people, there is an excellent solution that most people, and most medical providers, are not familiar with. It’s called sacral neuromodulation, and it is the cornerstone of incontinence therapy at the continence center.

A Drug-Free Resolution

For those millions of people who must change multiple pads and diapers a day, who are having bowel or bladder leakage, who have had to curtail their trips outside of the house because of bowel and bladder accidents, there is hope. The simple, 30-minute procedure delivers a 90% success rate by restoring the body’s natural muscle function to restore bladder and bowel control.

To those who would prefer a natural solution, I understand and support the instinct. But although we strongly support natural therapies, they are not enough in many cases or bladder or bowel leakage. To ignore newer technological solutions is to leave that person untreated and still suffering with accidents, pads, diapers, embarrassment, and isolation. The good news is that sacral neuromodulation is simple and safe, involving a Band-Aid but no invasive surgery or daily medication. It acts a lot like a heart pacemaker, sending a gentle, computerized current to the muscles to restore their normal function.

An Effective Timeline

In our view, the best place to start with many health problems is with exercise, diet change, and natural solutions where available. But for bladder and bowel incontinence, many times the problem becomes more severe despite these natural therapies, and then it is best to take advantage of proven noninvasive technology to solve the problem. Sacral neuromodulation is covered by every health insurance plan and has deep, long-term, peer-reviewed data supporting it as a simple method to restore quality of life to people dear to us.

There are many reasons a person may develop severe bladder or bowel leakage. But there is no good reason to accept it as something that cannot be improved or resolved. It may require finding a center and a surgeon skilled in using this modern technology combined with natural exercise, but the results are worth the effort.

Learn more about sacral neuromodulation and whether you might be a candidate by contacting the Sasse Surgical team today.

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