Living with Bladder or Bowel Incontinence – A New Post on Sixty & Me

Posted on: 1st Apr, 2022


Dr. Sasse is fortunate to share his perspective on metabolic surgery and incontinence treatments on Sixty and Me, a wonderful website addressing people in their golden years. Recently, he wrote a post about one of the most common statements he hears from patients seeking a resolution to their bladder or bowel incontinence. We hope you’ll read the piece in full on Sixty and Me, but we’re sharing some highlights here.

From the Post

” ‘You don’t understand’ is a statement I heard a lot in the last weeks in our office. It came from a range of individuals who were finally feeling free to explain what it was like to live with bladder or bowel incontinence.

The demands can be difficult to cope with – requiring a hair trigger to run to the nearest bathroom, always carrying extra underwear, canceling important events with friends, family, and social groups. By asking a series of questions about it, I had unleashed pent up emotions and explanations that rarely had opportunity for expression.”

Dr. Sasse expands on the lengths to which many patients go to keep their incontinence troubles a secret. He notes that incontinence is a niche problem in medicine, which means it’s not widely taught in medical schools or even in specialty residency programs. He shares the most important thing a physician needs to make a difference for someone struggling with incontinence, and he covers options for treatment, including what he’s found to be most effective.

Read the full post on Sixty and Me, or contact the Sasse Surgical team today to learn more about resolving incontinence and whether you might be a candidate for sacral neuromodulation.

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