Treating Type 2 Diabetes – A New Post on Sixty & Me

Posted on: 6th Aug, 2021


In a recent post on Sixty & Me, Dr. Sasse discusses a recommended treatment for type 2 diabetes. According to the latest update to the Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes, the American Diabetes Associates recommends metabolic surgery as a treatment for diabetes. Surprised? Here’s why.

From the Article

“Experienced centers around the world have achieved complete or substantial remission of Type 2 diabetes in a majority of patients who undergo laparoscopic sleeve surgery, a less-invasive, 45-minute procedure with an overnight hospital stay and four small Band-aids.

Metabolic surgeons and centers have known for decades that gastric bypass – and in the past 15 years, gastric sleeve surgery – both deliver remarkable improvement in blood sugar regulation and a high rate of complete reversal of type 2 diabetes.

Better still, individuals with type 2 diabetes enjoy reduced risks of diabetes-related problems including blindness, stroke, heart attack, and kidney failure. Large, high-quality studies have accumulated, demonstrating these results in diabetes improvement across the world.”

Dr. Sasse shares details from a number of long-term studies that point to the efficacy of metabolic surgery as a treatment for diabetes, as well as the latest published ADA recommendations for the ideal candidate.

Read the article in full at Sixty & Me, and contact Dr. Sasse’s office today if you’d like to learn more about this approach to treating diabetes.

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