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Virtually Scarless Gallbladder Surgery

Dr. Sasse introduced the Virtually Scarless single-site gallbladder procedure in northern Nevada. In this procedure, Dr. Sasse uses the da Vinci robotic system and a single small incision hidden in the belly button to remove the gallbladder. The results are successful relief from gallbladder symptoms and virtually no scars.

  • First a small incision is made by Dr. Sasse at the umbilicus (belly button), and camera is introduced for a preliminary examination of the abdomen and the gallbladder.
  • Next, Dr. Sasse examines the gallbladder and prepares to connect the da Vinci Single Site system.
  • Dr. Sasse carefully docks, or connects, the da Vinci system, utilizing only the single port for the instruments he will need.
  • Dr. Sasse controls every aspect of the movement of the instruments by working at the da Vinci instrument console. In reality, the system is not a “robot” at all, but a sophisticated surgical instrument.
  • After the gallbladder is removed, Dr. Sasse places a single Bandaid on the single small incision at the belly button. “Virtually scarless”!


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