Adults Diapers as Big Business – A Post on Sixty and Me

Posted on: 15th Oct, 2021


As a regular contributor to Sixty and Me, Dr. Sasse shares his expertise and insight into weight-loss surgery and the best-kept secret for resolving incontinence. In a recent post, he shared how he struck he was by articles describing a growth industry that was projected to become a staggering $20 billion market in the very near future. The amazing market? It’s for adult diapers and pads intended to manage the symptoms of urinary and fecal incontinence. In his post on Sixty and Me, Dr. Sasse shared his perspective on why adult diapers and pads aren’t a business opportunity. They’re a tragedy.

From the Article

“What makes it such a tragedy is not simply the increase in the incidence of the terrible problem of bladder and bowel leakage. It’s that this condition is at least 90% curable with current, noninvasive treatment – and that fact is simply not well known.

As a physician and surgeon practicing for over 20 years in the area of bowel and bladder control, I find it especially irksome when I see the huge amount of shelf space devoted to adult diapers and pads, and I read the business articles extolling the fortunes being made selling adult diapers and pads to all of us as we age and develop incontinence. It doesn’t have to be this way.”

Dr. Sasse goes on to discuss proven solutions for symptoms of incontinence:

“The approach to resolving bowel and bladder leakage hinges on a technology that successfully switches back on the body’s natural neuromuscular system in the pelvic floor, restoring strength to the sphincters of the rectum, bladder, and urethra.

It was a novel strategy 25 years ago, building upon some of the lessons learned from cardiac pacemaking technology, in which a small computer chip was placed under the skin with electrode leads traveling directly to the heart.

Over decades, pace making technology has proved remarkably effective, restoring normal heartbeats and rhythms to millions of people who would otherwise suffer with severely troubled circulation.”

Read the article in full at Sixty and Me to see what Dr. Sasse shares about sacral neuromodulation and the importance of raising awareness about real solutions instead of hawking products that address the symptoms.

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