11-year follow-up study after sleeve gastrectomy

What does an 11-year follow-up study tell us about the long-term results after sleeve gastrectomy?

We have previously looked at large studies that examined the five-year outcomes after sleeve gastrectomy that showed favorable results with excellent, equivalent weight loss, and fewer complications than gastric bypass. We also examined a ten year follow up paper of sleeve gastrectomy patients that showed highly successful and durable long-term weight loss and resolution of diabetes and hypertension.

Let’s examine a recently published study by Arman, of patients who have undergone sleeve gastrectomy and were studied out 11 full years postoperatively. The results were a persistent and massive reduction in weight and body mass index, maintained over the long-term.



Every individual is different, and each person’s biology and metabolism are different. Furthermore, each person‘s commitment to eating a lower carbohydrate diet, and a daily regimen of increased exercise is… you guessed it, different. So, it stands to reason that not every person is going to lose as much weight as the maximum possible and keep it off forever. Also, we must keep in mind that most people are gaining weight with age anyway.  So, it is remarkable that over 60% of the excess weight is still off 11 years later on average after sleeve gastrectomy.