Seniors Could See Biggest Benefits from Metabolic Surgery – A Post on Sixty & Me

Posted on: 22nd Oct, 2021


Two recently published studies looked at the benefits of weight-loss surgery across different age groups, with interesting results. The most measurable benefits, included a noticeable increase in life expectancy, actually impacted those in the oldest age group. Surprised? Dr. Sasse covered the studies and their specific benefits to seniors, in a recent post on Sixty & Me.

From the Post

Of course, evidence already proves that metabolic surgery benefits all groups, and the studies confirmed this. Large reductions in heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer, and death rate are among the benefits, all from a procedure that has become increasingly non-invasive. Today, weight-loss surgery takes 45 minutes and requires four small Band-Aids. It’s considered safer than procedures like appendectomy, hernia repair, hysterectomy, and knee surgery.

“The effects of metabolic surgery are wide ranging, owing to the fact that obesity causes harm across each organ system. The surgery works both by reducing body weight to take stress off those organ systems, but also by incompletely understood changes in our hormonal biochemistry that directly improve conditions like diabetes.”

But why do seniors benefit more?

“A lot of the findings have to do with the way the studies are conducted and the statistics analyzed. The primary one, that seniors gained more in life expectancy than younger people, stems from the fact that annual mortality rates climb as we age. Therefore, a treatment or intervention like this surgery, which helps everyone, will stand out more among a group of people that has a higher baseline mortality risk.

That is the case here, so we see a more dramatic gain in life years when someone undergoes weight-loss surgery at an older age. It is not to say that the younger person will not enjoy that same benefit, but the studies will have to run for decades to demonstrate that same benefit.”

That’s not the only reason that seniors benefit from metabolic surgery more so than other age groups. Read the post in full at Sixty & Me for the full story. If you’re considering metabolic surgery, contact the team at Sasse Surgical in northern Nevada today to learn more about our center.

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