A Patient Story About a New Lease on Life

Posted on: 26th Mar, 2021


For Dr. Sasse’s patient Evangelina, metabolic surgery was about more than improving her physical health. It was about changing her mental health too. “I felt that my esteem sunk below zero. I was so embarrassed to show up to functions no matter how many nice outfits I had to wear,” she says. “There was no hiding my obesity.”

Making the Decision

At 56 years of age, Evangelina had reached the highest weight of her life. She was 240 pounds, weight that had come on gradually before accelerating after the death of her mother. “Emotional eating is how I’d best describe it,” she says. “I felt extremely exhausted, experienced pain in my joints and muscles. I had pretty much given up on myself.”

After struggling to lose weight on her own, Evangelina sought medical advice and was referred to Dr. Sasse. “I was very excited about my chance to get help with my weight,” she remembers. “My first visit went well. He’s a kind person. Approachable. He’s somewhat quiet, yet willing to answer all questions.”

To prepare for her procedure, Evangelina followed all of the direction she was given from a class offered at Sasse Surgical. “I had plenty of time to adapt. It wasn’t easy but still possible to do.” While she found the recovery time somewhat difficult because she’s ultra sensitive to pain, Evangelina says Dr. Sasse was very knowledgeable about how to manage that.

Recovering from bariatric surgery may have been challenging for Evangelina, but it was absolutely worth it. “I feel extremely thankful that I went through weight loss surgery,” she says. “My life has greatly improved since having it.”

To those considering taking the same path, Evangelina shares this advice: “Ask all of the questions that you have, and go into it prepared. I highly recommend bariatric surgery for anyone who needs to consider it.”

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