Monthly Archives: September 2014

Pacemaker for bowel control

What's it like having a pacemaker for bowel control? This is a question a patient recently posed as she was considering moving forward with the Inter-Stim implant, which is basically a pacemaker for bowel control. If you’re interested in a bowel pacemaker, contact our Reno bariatric surgery facility to learn more. Pacemakers have been around…
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What is the Optimal Diet after Sleeve Gastrectomy?

Nearly every patient with whom I speak wants to know exactly what diet I prescribe for them after their sleeve gastrectomy procedure. I'm always happy when a prospective surgery candidate asks about the diet because it indicates an understanding that diet will continue to play a critical role in the success of the procedure. Let…
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Getting the most out of a second opinion surgical consultation

At times, a difficult health problem requires a second opinion surgical consultation. It may be that the problem is one involving cancer, a complex or recurrent hernia, weight re-gain and obesity after a previous weight-loss surgery, or another complex gastrointestinal or colorectal surgical question. Or it may be what seems like a fairly simple or…
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