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Kent C. Sasse, M.D., MPH, FACS, FACRS

sasseDr Sasse grew up in Wisconsin, the youngest of two boys. He attended Spanish-speaking schools in Central America for a part of high school and became proficient and fluent in Spanish. While in Central America he witnessed significant poverty. However, he also witnessed the profound impact one can make in the lives of others through caring and service.

He was interested in a number of subjects in high school, but especially math and science. He felt drawn to medicine as a career from a young age, seeing it as an opportunity to blend his interest in science with his desire to serve others.

He played junior tennis competitively and was captain of his high school tennis team, as well as a high school All-American athlete.

Escaping the cold weather of Wisconsin for the sunny beaches and tennis courts of San Diego, he attended the University of California San Diego where he majored in biochemistry and graduated Cum Laude. He spent his time volunteering, working in the local Veterans Hospital, and mentoring as a teacher's assistant to the lower division students.

During college Dr. Sasse spent a year at the University of Madrid, studying Art History and becoming increasingly proficient and fluent in Spanish.

After gaining admission to the top medical school in the country, University of California at San Francisco (UCSF), he quickly focused on the field of surgery, and felt especially drawn to the technological aspects of minimally invasive surgery. Dr. Sasse immediately recognized what a huge difference it made for a person undergoing surgery to have tiny keyhole incisions rather than large open ones. Medical school brought invaluable challenges, the pursuit of research, several  publications in bioethics, and much more. Dr. Sasse received top honors and finished at the top of his class. During medical school, he volunteered in a dilapidated hospital in Nepal, helping those in need and refining his ability to become compassionate. During his UCSF surgery training, Dr. Sasse expressed a great interest in teaching others and won the Campus-Wide Teaching Award as a senior resident.

Dr. Sasse is bi-lingual and ultimately became certified as a medical translator in Spanish at San Francisco General Hospital. To further hone his skills and create more opportunity, Dr. Sasse joined the U.S. Air Force Reserve to serve his country.  He has since retired with a ranking as a Major.

Dr. Sasse and his wife Cara have 5 children. Today his interests include travel, running long distance races, teaching medical students and residents, serving as the Founder and Director of the Obesity Prevention Foundation, and continuing his interests in medical research. He is an acclaimed award winning author of five books. He has also authored numerous research articles, the most recent of which discusses minimally invasive hernia repair.

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Expert Witness & Medicolegal Consultant

Dr. Sasse has extensive experience serving as a mediocolegal consultant and expert witness in legal matters involving weight loss medications, weight loss surgery, hernia repair, mesh, gastric leak, colorectal surgery, complications of surgery, and allegations of medical malpractice.

Expert Legal Witness Experience

Dr. Sasse has served as an advisor to attorneys involved in complex litigation in which weight loss, obesity, gastric leak, surgical complications, weight-loss medications, hernia repair, mesh, anastamotic leak, colorectal surgery, and weight-loss surgery have played a role.

Dr. Sasse has provided extensive expert reviews of complex cases for the State of Nevada, for independent insurance and disability carriers, and for the United States Air Force.  He brings to each and every case a level of experience and unparalleled dedication to preparation, excellent service, and insightful review.  His expert testimony has proven highly valuable in the favorable adjudication of such cases.

Dr. Sasse is a sought after speaker and an experienced trial witness, having logged many hours on the witness stand in highly charged cases.  He brings a commitment to objectivity and thoroughness to each and every case.  If you would like to explore whether you may wish to engage Dr. Sasse as an expert witness for your matter, please contact his office via email at info@sassesurgical.com.

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